MINEVIEW™ continuously monitors specific parameter profiling on critical areas of the equipment to identify risks and faults before they develop into incidents or failures. If there is a profile variance in these areas Mineview’s team is alerted to investigate the event and action is taken if required 
Mineview Profiles 
• Engine Oil Pressure 
• Engine Temperature 
• Engine Exhaust Temperature 
• Wheelmotor Currents 
• Operational Scenarios 
• Any custom area identified by the mine that would benefit from Profiling 
Mineview profiles benchmarks for individual equipment any variance outside of the set parameters triggers an alert. Profiling provides early warning of developing faults, where OEM sensor triggering event have to be set to a generic range, Mineview profiling can be set to focus on individual equipment’s profile 

Automating MOBILE EQUIPMENT REPORTING Systems with Mineview™

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