SAP Hours

SMU & Production Hours in SAP or other Mine Administration Systems 
Mineview’s SAP SMU Hour function provides an automated validated report for upload into the SAP system. Mineview validates SMU Hours against all available sources and formats the report to SMU or Production Hours for manual or automated import to the mines management System (i.e. SAP, JDE etc.) 
Mineview can acquire SMU Hour information with its electronic SpVitas Hours system enabling cross referencing or alternative data sources from the operator manual input were a lot of error in the reading occur. The SpVital offers further interfaces to multiple SMU Hours sources (i.e. multiple engines, track hours, Swing, push, pull and Dig etc.)  
Mineview’s SpVital or LoJack systems can interface SMU Hours from equipment that are not connected to the mine network and offers an affordable solution for this 

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