Mineview™ FEATURES

In the Web Console you can Access Information in Real Time or Review History of Events for:- 
• Operations 
• Maintenance 
• Equipment Hours 
• Payloads 
• TKPH (Tyre Temperature Monitoring) 
• SMU Equipment Hours 
• Equipment Operational Hours Validation and Export to Mine maintenance Systems 
• Maintenance Reports Equipment Hours 
• Reports Charts for Risk Scenarios 
• Equipment Fuel Burn & Fuel Levels 
• Systems Monitoring Function and Errors 
In the Mineview™ Web Console All the Events & Risk Scenarios can be Accessed, Configured, Printed or Exported to Excel Showing:- 
• Charts showing Equipment Event Counts 
• Data detail for Equipment, Location and Operators 
• Search Parameter Filters by Equipment, Location or Operator 
• Configure between Event Counts, Totals or Event Detail 
• Set Event Alerts Parameters 
• Set Risk Scenarios and Alerts 
• Associate Reporting Recipient to Event and Risk Alert 
• Ramp up of Alert Reporting Recipient for Continuing Events or Risk Scenario’s 
Mineview™ Provides an SpVitas™ & LoJack™ Hardware Solution to Interface Systems not cover by the Equipment Manufactures Systems for:- 
• Equipment with no or Limited Electronic Interfaces 
• Auxiliary Plant (Lighting Plants, Pumps and Light Vehicles etc.)  
• Service (SMU) Hours (Synced to Equipment Meters) 
• Fuel Burn 
• Speed Alerts 
• Odometer Readings (Synced to Equipment Meters) 
• Convert Mineview™ Trend event to a OEM Event 
• Locate and Track History 
• Set Up as an Equipment Parameter Chart Recorder Interface for Problem Fault Finding or Analyses 

Automating MOBILE EQUIPMENT REPORTING Systems with Mineview™

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