SMU Hours

MINEVIEW™ Collects and Validates SMU Hours, Mineview uses mine data as well as it own while running a validation process to validate the hours 
Mineview provides these Validated Reports for SMU and Production hours, the reports can be accessed from the web console or set to email recipients, printed or exported to csv   
Mineview provides a SMU Hour Maintenance Report high-lighting hours meters that have not reported correctly. Using the Mineview web console these reports can be filtered to dates and equipment to easily view fault history 
Mineview has a reading offset function allowing SMU Hours to be matched to mine maintenance systems (i.e. SAP) or corrected if the meter had stopped another reason 
Mineview has an Alias Function allows you to rename equipment I.D. for the sources data to match mine systems I.D. (i.e. SAP) This allows equipment I.D. matching without having to reset or losing any historical data 

Automating MOBILE EQUIPMENT REPORTING Systems with Mineview™

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