History of Mineview

MINEVIEW™ was developed in 2009 by Haulpak Electrical, a mine maintenance mobile equipment team specializing in electric drive mining haul trucks  
Haulpak’s clients were previously using mobile equipment mining systems, although they had put resources into these, the performance and results were not up to expectations with costs out weighing benefits  
Haulpak performing maintenance on mobile mining equipment has always work with the available data from equipment systems as a direct part of their maintenance process, the move to manage the mines mobile mining equipment maintenance data systems allow us to formulate this information for effective results in our field and benefit the mines operation 
With Haulpak focus on the maintenance aspect, and the large amount of data processing through the mines system, the Haulpak team management devised the Mineview system to automate the data monitoring and reporting process allowing the team to focus on their primary while having the benefit of the equipments maintenance and operation data presented to them when required 

Automating MOBILE EQUIPMENT REPORTING Systems with Mineview™

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