Mineview Benefits

Mineview gives Mines Flexibility in Managing Data Monitoring and Reporting Personnel now with these Roles Automated. 
Mineview’ Web base console proves easy direct access to the mines mobile equipment operation information in real time and history. This access allows authorized users to review information without having to directly accessing the mine systems. 
Mineview™ has an SMS & Email Alert Facility that reports in real time direct to site. 
Mineview’s Custom Correlation Filtering Process allows for relevant risk or events sent not only to area supervision but direct to a field technician. 
Mineview™ Filters out the Nuisance Factors – with Mineview you can Pre-Set to identify Risk in operation using event counts and scenario’s and associating to a risk matrix before a risk alert is generated using the same principle when alerting on events. 

Automating MOBILE EQUIPMENT REPORTING Systems with Mineview™

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